Firefly - Navigate, Don't Complicate

The Firefly system offers a fresh approach to spinal surgery navigation. Utilising the latest in surgical planning and 3D printing technology, this system uses a preoperative CT of the patient’s spine to create both an autoclavable 3D printed bone model, and a bespoke, pre-planned autoclavable jig for each vertebra. The surgeon benefits from a unique insight into the patient’s anatomy and any existing metalwork, and the support of our team of expert engineers to plan ideal screw sizing and trajectory well in advance of the operation date.

This refreshingly straightforward product takes the planning out of theatres, minimising risk, x-ray exposure and surgical time. This scalable, case by case approach avoids the need for large capital purchases. It offers unbeatable accuracy for posterior surgeries in any facility, and enables instrumentation of even the most challenging cases.