Since its inception in 2013, leading orthopaedic, oncology and sports medicine surgeons have relied on Edge Medical Biologics' HTA licensed portfolio for their surgeries. We currently supply some of the largest and most renowned oncology centres who know they can trust our grafts for treating their most vulnerable patients.

Why Allograft?

Allograft tendon and bone is widely considered to be the gold standard material for reconstructive work. It is stronger and integrates better than synthetic materials, and avoids the donor site pain, scarring and damage from harvesting autograft tissue.

Our supply partners in the USA source a wide range of allografts including bone blocks and struts, tendon, bone chips and putty. These are processed using the latest sterilisation methods to deliver grafts that are outstandingly strong, safe and reliable. Our portfolio also includes corneas, amniotic and stem cell products. All grafts are carefully screened and traceable.

Edge Medical can source custom grafts of varying dimensions, so if you have specific requirements, please place an enquiry.

Our Synthetics

We also supply a range of synthetics including a unique bioactive bone graft putty for use in orthopaedic surgery.

We have also recently added a high-performing bioactive haemostat for use in all surgical applications.

HTA License Number 22646