Diode Lasers in Surgery

Modern Laser technology is a rapidly growing field with applications across many fields of medicine. Laser procedures offer many benefits including shorter operating times, reduced recovery times and less pain than traditional approaches. At Edge Medical, we currently support some of the foremost medical centres in the world with cutting edge laser devices and high-quality fibre optic kits.

Our current products include two wavelengths, 1470nm & 1940nm, offering the ideal dose of energy for different tissue requirements. We offer multiple types of laser fibre, each ideally suited for different procedural goals.

Our devices come with market leading modes of operation that enable the clinician to tailor the settings to the patients' needs. Applications include:


SWING 1470nm Diode Laser

Diode laser 1470nm is a perfect choice for minimally invasive procedures because of possibility to use different types of optical fibers: 400, 600 um. SWING is indicated for all surgical applications requiring vaporization, incision, excision, ablation, cutting, haemostasis and coagulation of soft tissues. The 1470nm laser light beam has suitable low melanin and hemoglobin absorption for skin penetration and respectively high water and fat absorption for selective photothermolysis. The wave of the 1470nm laser is absorbed by cellular water 40 times better than the wave of 810/980 nm laser and 80 times better than the wave of Nd: YAG 1064 nm laser. The higher efficacy of the 1470nm diode laser system enables to reduce energy emission with comparable clinical results to high power lasers of different wavelengths.

laser water haemoglobin wavelength absorption graph

TWIST 1940nm Diode Laser

The TWIST diode laser device, also distributed by EDGE Medical, emits light energy at a wavelength of  1940nm which is shown by the second water absorption peak in the top right of the graph below. 

Wavelength graph of 1940nm laser emission
Wavelength graph of 1940nm laser emission
  • 290 times better absorption than 980 nm wavelength
  • No risk of burns and skin discoloration
  • No risk of vein perforation or carbonization
  • Very high effectiveness and short recovery time
  • Intuitive touch screen panel with black or white interface
  • Easy and quick list of set up programs
  • Possibility to create and save own programs
TWIST 1940nm diode laser
TWIST 1940nm diode laser
Touchscreen display

The TWIST Diode laser is controlled from very high definition touch screen with excellent colour quality and a wide field of view, all this to provide the operator with ease of use. Individual user settings can be saved in the device, allowing quick and easy selection of treatment parameters.

Laser touchscreen display
Laser touchscreen display
Technical Specifications
  • Controlled by colour touch screen display
  • Laser wave length: 1470 nm, 1940nm (semiconductor)
  • Fiber core diameter: 320um, 400 um, 600 um, 800 um
  • Output power (Laser): 10, 12, 15, 20 Watt
  • Thermoelectric cooling
  • Aiming beam: 635 nm: adjustable
  • Fiber coupling: SMA 905
  • RFID fiber: Yes/No
  • Treatment mode: CW, Phlebology, Pulsed, QCW
  • Time on: from 200 us (0,2 ms)
  • Time off: from 200 us (0,2 ms)
  • of impulses in package 1 – 100
  • Dimension: 43/46/20 cm
  • Weight: ~13 kg

For more information about the laser devices and attachments we supply please do not hesitate to get in touch!