Moldable Synthetic Bone Graft Substitute

Building on Biomatlante’s core MBCP™ Technology, In’Oss™ is an innovative and moldable synthetic bone graft, composed of Hydroxyapatite (HA), Beta Tricalcium Phosphate (ß-TCP) and a hydrogel.
Developed to facilitate handling during bone grafting procedures, In’Oss™ can fit into different grafting sites.
In’Oss™, is the optimal balance between MBCP™ micro granules and an absorbable hydrogel, acting as a carrier for rapid vascularization and mineralization.
In’Oss™ keeps the original graft shape and bone volume. It is gradually absorbed to be replaced by vital architectured bone.

Strips – A homogeneous mixture of MBCP™ and highly purified Type I collagen


Over time, increasing concerns over intrinsic patient morbidity have led to a shift away from autograft towards enhanced matrices. Pioneer in the development of biphasic bone matrices, Biomatlante now introduces the EZ Cure™ Collagen Bone Graft Matrix Line of products, the latest addition to its extensive range of synthetic bone substitutes.

 Collagen Bone Graft Matrix Composition
 Our EZ Cure™ Strips are composed of MBCP™ Technology and highly purified Type 1 porcine collagen. MBCP™ Granules are a synthetic biphasic bone graft substitute, ratio of 60% HA & 40% βTCP. MBCP™ is osteoconductive and osteoinductive when used with bone marrow or growth factors.


 EZ Cure™ Strip is both biocompatible and resorbable. The collagen is only a carrier necessary to hold the bone graft in place and will gradually resorb over a few weeks*. MBCP™ granules has a structure mimicking that of bone designed to promote osteoprogenitor cell attachment. Osteogenic and osteoconductive, MBCP™ slowly resorbs as it promotes osteoblastic activity until full bone regeneration is achieved.
A key feature behind the success of MBCP™ is its permeability stemming from its unparalleled porosity: 30% interconnected micropores and overall 70% porosity.


 EZ Cure™ Strip is easy to use: it can be trimmed to each surgical requirement and becomes highly moldable when hydrated or soaked in blood. Its cohesive properties ensure no wash out. EZ Cure™ Strip has good haemostatic properties to control bleeding and to protect the wound bed.
  • Ready to use
  • Easy to use (modelling in situ)
  • Can be cut (dry or wet)
  • Can be used with other regenerative materials (bone marrow, …)
  • Biocompatible & Safe

Bioactive Osteotomy Wedges Synthetic Bone Substitute

MBCP™ Wedges Synthetic Bone substitute are designed to precisely fit within the shape of the opened wedge correction. Made of MBCP™, the reference in osteoconductive synthetic bone substitute, they are a biphasic calcium phosphate made of 60% hydroxyapatite (HA) and 40% Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate (ß-TCP), allowing for simultaneous controlled adsorption and promotion of osteogenesis. While MBCP Wedges Synthetic Bone Substitute have a high compressive force of 10-12MPa, they are intended for use with rigid fixation systems.
Combine your cages with our bespoke cage inserts

Pioneer in Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Solutions, especially in custom inserts for spinal cages, Biomatlante has been the Partner of choice of major spinal companies worldwide for over 20 years.
  • Ready to use cage filler
  • Operating time saved with prefilled cages
  • Cost effective and safe


Provides a matrix for new bone growth

Molecular mixture of HA and TCP

HA alone resorbs too slowly while TCP resorbs too fast. Bi-phasic HA and TCP allow for a resorption rate similar to that of human bone.

70% porosity, similar to cancellous bone

Interconnected network of macropores and micropores that enables the colonization of bone cells and biological fluid uniformly within the matrix.


For ionic exchange: TCP dissolution and bone crystal precipitation. Newly bioactive interface with bone cells.


Macropores are a network of interconnected spaces that promote the biological infiltration and cellular colonization by osteoblasts and osteoclasts.


Micropores are the intercrystalline spaces where dissolution and recrystallisation occurs.

>30 years of clinical experience

Host bone formation is systematically demonstrated.


100% synthetic – 5 years shelf life.

EDGE Synthetic Ligament

EDGE Ligament has significantly different mechanical properties from all other polyethylene terephthalates synthetic ligaments and has been successfully used for reconstruction surgery since 1980.

EDGE Ligament tensile strength is considerably greater than that of the natural cruciate ligament. This compensates for the expected fatigue of the synthetic material under prolonged stress after implantation.