We can supply: Patella Tendon as either whole or hemi, Pre-Shaped Patella Tendon, Achilles Tendon with or without bone-block, pre-shaped Achilles Tendon with bone block, Gracillis, Semitendonosus, Tibialis Tendon (Anterior or Posterior), Peronious Longus, Palmaris Longus and Flexor.

Various options and sizes available, please call 0845 519 0149

Most allografts used in transplantation will eventually be replaced with recipient tissue as it incorporates into the patient’s body structures. Allografts, in conjunction with the patient’s native tissue, stimulate the cascade of normal tissue regeneration events, ultimately achieving stable incorporation.

Custom grafts may be discussed. Our expert processing partners can customise allografts to meet unique surgical needs. Contact us to coordinate a specific design to suit your surgeon and patients’ needs.

Extreme care is taken to ensure donor tissues are recovered, processed and packaged appropriately so that the donor gift materialises in the most beneficial way for transplant recipients.

All we require is minimum tendon length when ordering.

Our tendons are sterilised using the unique process of Supercritical CO2 however they can be provided fresh frozen if required


1) Gives the surgeon the proper biocompatible matrix

2) Provides pathways for cell proliferation

3) Withstands the immediate structural forces

4) Reduces inflammation and foreign body reaction

5) Infused with growth factors that have the potential to combine advantages of both allograft and autograft use without the disadvantages or potential complications of either

6) Addresses all prior challenges in tissue sterilization and provides the surgeon and patient with the ideal scaffolding matrix for improved patient outcomes


Meniscus Sizing requirements – MRI or X-Ray showing anterior view of the knee and a medial/lateral view depending on what type of meniscus required

Bespoke sizing requires 4 weeks leadtime.

Common Graft Utilization: Meniscus Replacement, Glenoid Resurfacing

Product Code Product Description Preservation Sterilization Category

Features / Benefits:

LB = Length of Bone Block, measured at widest point

TB = Thickness of Bone Block; min 1.5cm

WB = Width of Bone Block, measured at widest point


Various options and sizes available, please call 0845 519 0149