The AVATAR Extended Tab MIS System is a comprehensive system intended to treat an unparalleled range of pathologies for the thoracic and lumbar spine. The system eliminates unnecessary muscle and tissue trauma by offering integrated extended screw tab options to provide a pathway for secure implantation of the rod. Multiple types of color-coded, titanium implants provide significant intraoperative options and reliability. Comprehensive reduction, compression, and distraction are achieved effectively with intuitive instrumentation.

Pre Attached Tabs

Eliminates the need for extension assembly and offers a rigid connection to instruments for implantation of the set screws

Single Stage Dilation

No multi stage porting up, Avatar ensures rapid single stage dilation which reduces the number of surgical steps.

Threaded Nitinol K-Wire

Flexible ‘memory metal’ with optional threaded tip ensures guide wire stays wherever you put it.

Small Incision - 13MM

Provides pathway for percutaneous rod delivery while minimizing skin incision and tissue dissection

Modular Compressor and Distractor

Interchangeable blades enables compession or distraction over 2 levels

1 Turn Tab Removal and Final Tighten

 Tab removal and final tightening is done in one easy step

The AILERON Posterior Fusion System attaches to the spinous processes for the purpose of achieving supplemental fusion in conjuction with bone graft. With minimal exposure and dissection, AILERON responds to the patient’s and surgeon’s need for a simple, reliable, and less invasive system.

This less invasive technique requires a small incision in the back which results in minimal tissue disruption and trauma. The potential benefits of minimally invasive technique versus traditional surgery include a faster recovery, reduction in pain, and smaller scars. The Aileron implant is placed between the spinous processes for an indirect decompression to relieve the pressure on the cord and exiting nerve roots.

Less Invasive Approach

Results in minimal tissue disruption and trauma


Agressive fixation spikes

Allows for increased stability and secure integration between the spinous process and implants


Unique core sizes

Maximizes graft containment volume


Bullet Tip

Simplifies Insertion  

Streamlines instrumentation

Provides intraoperative assurance and reliability


Aileron expandable

Expandable Core which Expands in-situ for a custom fit for every patient



The AILERON-TRX Expandable Posterior Fusion System responds to the patient’s and surgeon’s need for a simple, reliable, and less invasive system with minimal exposure and dissection. The in-situ expandable core offers patient matched expansion ensuring an ideal fit for every patient anatomy and pathology.


  • In-Situ Expandable Core – Provides a custom fit for every patient
  • Bullet Tip – Simplifies insertion
  • Multiple Implant Lengths – Accommodate a variety of patient anatomies
  • Top Rail Design – Increases ease of plate insertion over core and provides optimal anterior implant placement
  • IMPLANTS- The AILERON implant ranges in size from 5mm to 18mm.
  • Aggressive Fixation Spike – Allows for increased stability and security

CENTRIC® Expandable Retractor System

The CENTRIC Expandable Retractor System offers the surgeon complete and controlled tissue and muscle retraction. Versatility and flexibility allows the system to accommodate both lateral and posterior approaches.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, open frame design increases visibility of anatomy under fluoroscopy
  • Independent blade angulation allows for an increase in distal exposure without enlarging the incision
  • System features a full complement of surgical instruments specifically designed for cutting and soft tissue removal

FS3® Facet Screw Spinal System

The FS3 Facet Screw Spinal System is a cannulated screw system that accommodates various patient anatomies and pathologies through a percutaneous or open approach. An intuitive design allows for fast, reliable, and reproducible access and implantation over a guide wire with minimal exposure and dissection.

Key Features

  • Partially threaded screw design maximizes compression of the facet articular processes
  • Washer component evenly applies forces to the facet to enhance stability
  • Double helical screw thread allows for faster insertion without compromising screw purchase
  • Multiple screw lengths accommodate various patient anatomies and pathologies