3D Printed Cervical Cages

Fusion reinforced – b-OK InGrow Cervical Cage Family has been designed in order to promote highest quality intervertebral fusion. The physiologic movement with controlled range eliminates over mobility of implanted spinal motion segment. Perfect combination with shock absorption capability creates environment which is intended to restore or preserve segmental motion and prevent adjacent levels degeneration.

Excellent Stability – Advanced production technology gives the opportunity to create efficient primary and secondary fixation system.  Multiple keels system provides easy to control positioning and secures primary fixation. Endplates with Bone InGrow TechnologyTM facilitate fast and effective osteo integration.

Bone InGrow TechnologyTM – b-OK InGrow Cervical Cage has been designed in order to promote highest quality intervertebral fusion. Novel concept of titanium processing developed by Tsunami Medical provides excellent environment for bone fusion:

1) Osteo-integration of the titanium particles

2) Benefits of dynamic fusion process due to Wolf’s Law

3) Open structure allows free flow of bone cells

4) High porous surface supports settlement and growth of new bone formations.

Clear visibility – Titanium construct provides excellent visibility during surgical procedure and unique production process allows cleaner CT post operative diagnostic than other metallic prosthesis.

Compact instruments – Compact set with all required instruments. Optional instruments available for endplate preparation and bone decompression procedure.

PRO-LINK Stand-Alone Cervical Spacer System

The PRO-LINK Stand-Alone Cervical Spacers are designed with a large, open graft area for maximum bone graft capacity. The spacers allow fusion at adjacent segments without the removal of an existing anterior cervical plate. The low-profile locking plate provides protection against screw backout without disturbing surrounding soft tissue

Low-Profile Titanium Locking Plate » Provides protection against screw backout

Intuitive Instrumentation » Provide intraoperative assurance and reliability

Agressive self tapping screws » Eliminates the need for drilling or tapping and reduce intra-operative time

Radiopaque Tantalum Markers » Improve intra-operative visualization

Titanium Screw Pockets » Prevent advancement of the screw into the graft space


Our total disc replacement solves the industry’s two greatest challenges: It is unparalleled in minimizing wear debris, and adept at emulating natural spinal motion.


Triadyme-cDymicron’s Triadyme-C™ cervical total disc replacement (cTDR) device represents a major development for patients who suffer from degenerative disc disease and the medical professionals who care for them. Its unique material composition gives superior structural integrity and wear resistance, while its exclusive design provides proper, natural biomechanics.

Extreme durability and smoothness 

The device is made from Orthopedic Diamond™, Dymicron’s proprietary patented grade of polycrystalline diamond, one of the hardest and longest-lasting substances known to man. With extreme durability and a low coefficient of friction, Triadyme-C resists the structural breakdown that can limit the service life of other orthopedic devices and release dangerous wear debris into the body.

Solstice Occipital System

The SOLSTICE OCT System provides rigid stabilization and promotes fusion in the posterior occipito-cervico-thoracic regions of the spine. The system contains easy to use implants and instruments that address simple and complex cases and unique patient anatomies. The SOLSTICE OCT System incorporates a number of features that make the system uniquely designed to increase the speed, ease of use, and reliability of posterior occipito-cervico-thoracic xation of the spine.


NEO-SL Anterior Cervical Plate System Intuitive Instrumentation Streamlined, surgeon-inspired instrumentation Provides intraoperative assurance and reliability. The NEO-SL Anterior Cervical Plate System takes anterior cervical plating to a new level of simplicity. The NEO-SL is an ultra slim anterior cervical plate system with an integrated locking mechanism that allows bone screws to be securely fixated without any additional locking components. 

  • Plates Plates ranging in length to accommodate 1-5 levels Low profile plate
  • Intuitive Instrumentation – Streamlined, surgeon-inspired instrumentation which provides intraoperative assurance and reliability
  • Bone screws available with a fast turn thread design in both fixed and variable angle configurations
  • Single step integrated locking mechanism


The Plateau®-C cervical spacers are designed with large, open graft areas for maximum bone graft capacity. The PLATEAU®-C spacers are available in parallel, lordotic, and Bi-Convex versions to accommodate a variety of patient anatomies. Implants manufactured from Invibio® PEEK-OPTIMA®

Large, open graft windows – Allows for maximum bone graft capacity 

Radiopaque tantalum rod markers – Provides improved intra-operative visualization 

Aggressive tooth pattern – Prevents device migration 

0º (parallel) and 7º (lordotic) configurations – Accommodates various patient anatomies 

Bi-Convex configurations – Matches endplate anatomy 

Streamlined and color coded instrumentation – Ease of identification for procedural efficiency 

Available Footprints: 14mm x 11mm 16mm x 13mm – Accomodates a variety of patient anatomies 

Available Heights: 5mm-12mm, in 1mm increments – Accomodates a variety of patient anatomies

ORIO Cervical PEEK-Optima® I/F Cage

ORIO-C Cervical I/F cage is a unique anatomic, self-anchoring cage made from PEEK-Optima®. Radiolucency is given by the PEEK-Optima® material, a poly-ether-ether-ketone whose durability and flexibility are similar to those of cancellous and cortical bone, with the high level of biocompatibility needed for long-term implantation in the body. Moreover, the material is highly transparent to x-rays and does not generate radiographic distortions, thus permitting reliable positional verification of the implant.

To allow for optimum intervertebral ossification, all ORIO cages feature a large graft cavity that facilitate filling with bone.

  • Features:
  • PEEK-Optima® is radiolucent and artifact-free in MRI technology
  • Optional self-anchoring
  • Anatomic design of cranial and caudal surfaces
  • Careful design of cage shape with curved walls
  • PEEK-Optima® is completely inert in-vivo
  • Benefits:
  • Optimal postoperative follow-up
  • Excellent stability and resistance to expulsion
  • Optimal fit to end-plates with reduced subsidence
  • Ideal adaptation to the vertebral body
  • Excellent biocompatibility

Altum Anterior Cervical Plate Fusion System

SpineCraft’s Altum Anterior Cervical Plate System has been designed to meet wide clinical needs by offering a plate/screw construct with integrated automatic locking mechanism and the choice of fixed or variable angle screws for ease of implantation in different pathologies.

  • Features:
  • Up to 30° of angulation at the extreme holes.
  • Generous graft window.
  • All-in-one Screwdriver with simple locking.
  • Endplate Drill Guide included in instrument set.
  • Unique Inserter Drill Guide.
  • One-level plates starting as low as 8mm.
  • Color coded implants and instruments.
  • Benefits:
  • Widest angulation of any plate on the market.
  • Easier disc space visualization.
  • Speed and ease in screw implantation.
  • Optimized plate positioning in the midline.
  • Easy integration with ORIO-C Cervical Cage System.
  • Fit plates to a wider range of cases.
  • Easy matching of screw diameter to the proper drill bit.