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LAUNCHED 27 PRODUCTS IN 2016 INCLUDING THE BROADEST EXPANDABLE OFFERING IN MARKET Huntley, IL, February 14, 2017 Life Spine, a medical device company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets products for the surgical treatment of spinal disorders, announced today that revenues for 2016 grew by 38% as compared to 2015. Additionally, Life Spine launched 27 products in 2016 including four best-in-class products and one product that was first-to-market.

In 2016 Life Spine launched multiple expandable interbodies including the LONGBOW® Lateral Expandable A/P Spacer System and the PROLIFT® PLIF/TILF Expandable Spacer System. LONGBOW is the first-to-market product that offers controlled in-situ expansion for maximum endplate coverage, minimal anatomical disruption, and post packing capabilities. Additionally, LONGBOW was selected by Orthopedics this Week for the prestigious Spine Technology award because of its game changing innovation.

PROLIFT features an all titanium implant that restores disc height, in-situ, for minimally invasive PLIF and TLIF. Furthermore, the implant is provided pre-sterile for safety and convenience. With these new additions, Life Spine has the broadest, fastest growing suite of expandable products in the market. In addition to the rapidly growing expandable product offering, Life Spine added three new retractor systems with independently angulating blades to round out its procedural product offering.

The CALYPSO™ Midline Retractor System offers snap on quick release blades with anatomically shaped teeth to conform to the facets for improved retraction. The MIS TLIF Retractor system features modular taps that anchor to the pedicles and allow for optimal disc space distraction.

Finally, the CENTRIC Lateral Expandable Retractor System boasts an open frame design that increases visibility of patient anatomy accommodating both the plier style and traditional style knob expansion. Some of the other key milestones that attributed to the 2016 growth include:

• Six 510K approvals for a total of 61 since inception.

• Expanded the sales footprint to over 27 countries outside of the US.

• Continued the commitment to education by conducting 77 PULSE™ (Physician Ultimate Life Spine Experience) labs at the Huntley, IL facility.

• The only company of their size to offer a full line of procedural product solutions including access instrumentation, implants, neuro monitoring, and biologics.


Full Market Release for PROLIFT® is now available. PROLIFT is an all titanium expandable implant that restores disc height. With controlled in-situ expansion, for minimally invasive PLIF or TLIF approaches.

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