Britspine 2016 Review

Britspine 2016 – Our bespoke exhibition stand was roaring success! The stand created a real buzz with many more visitors than some of the other and in many cases much larger companies! In terms of products we launched several (detailed below) and all were received well. It was great to see both many of our current surgeons as well as many new together with a number of our amazing supplier partners.


3D Printed Cages – Took the exhibition by storm! Every surgeon that saw our new 3D printed cages was very impressed and there have been several cases booked in off the back of the event!

Fusion reinforced – Bone- In-Grow 3D Printed Lumbar Cage Family has been designed in order to promote highest quality intervertebral fusion. The cages incorporate wolfs law for fusion and we have the range to fit anywhere in the spine from cervical, lateral and a multi range of lumbar.

TriaDyme C – More popular than we anticipated! Whilst we know the product is excellent, the overall concensus was universally positive with several cases booked in there and then on the stand.  

Dymicron’s novel cervical replacement design is the only hard-on-hard device that emulates the natural motion of the spine while being both energetically stable, and aligning both the axis of load and the center of rotation. This is made possible by our cervical total disc replacement (cTDR) device’s unique Tri-Lobe articulation mechanism: three spherical lobes that mate with three non-congruent, spherical pockets.

FehrFix – Again this was more popular than we anticipated. We see this as an intermediary product where metalwork is not appropriate, it will restore the disc height for patients with ‘black disc’ and ensure pain relief for many years. Chronic back pain is an increasingly growing problem. FehrFix® solution for disc augmentation is a system to introduce hydrophilic material into the nucleus, which there stabilizes the natural hydration and pressure stability of the degenerated disc and ph.

Denervex – Whilst this was a ‘soft’ launch, with the full scale launch coming in September of this year, we held a workshop which was attended by so many people there were some latecomers standing at the back as we had no room. We are really looking forward to pushing this innovative new product after such encouraging feedback from all the surgeons we had discussions with. 

Treatment results from the combined effect of a slow moving deburring or polishing action and RF ablation treatment. Using this new technique, the slowly rotating burr removes the targeted facet joint synovial membrane and joint surface while the electrocautery denudes any residual nervous and synovial membrane overlying the joint, effectively removing the end point sensory tissue of the joint.

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