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Edge Medical is a leading medical device company focused on offering the best in class and most technically advanced products within each of our divisions.  

Edge Medical was founded in 2011 by a team of industry specialists focused on delivering superior customer service and product support, backed by the most comprehensive product offering.  We have rapidly become the fastest growing independent medical company in Europe.




The innovative LONGBOW Expandable Lateral Spacer System is the first interbody on the market that expands laterally (A/P) in-situ specifically for a direct lateral approach. The benefits of LONGBOW are transferred directly to the patient by minimizing tissue retraction and potential nerve damage associated with the lateral access approach.

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The CENTERLINE Thoracolumbar Spinal System is designed to perform a MidLine procedure minimizing disruption to the nerves, muscles and tissue surrounding the surgery site. The low profile Cobalt Chrome tulip head and cortical cancellous screw thread design conserves space without compromising strength.

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Simpact Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System consists of two unique diameter cannulated implants offered in various lengths, in full and partially threaded configurations to accommodate variations in patient anatomy. It is intended for sacroiliac joint fusion for conditions including degenerative sacroilitis and sacroiliac joint disruptions. 

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